Surakhya Trust was registered as a charitable trust in Assam under the Indian Trust Act, of 1882 in the year 2001. It established Arya Nursing College and Arya School of Nursing and continues to work on developing the health and educational sectors in northeast India.

The main objectives of this trust are

  • providing aid and medical relief to the poor, destitute & distressed people.
  • advancement of education and knowledge.
  • alleviation of poverty by implementing socio-economic programmes/ schemes and social and welfare services.

Surakhya Trust has completed the following

  • established a Blood Bank attached to Arya Hospital
  • established Arya Nursing College and Arya School of Nursing in 2007 and continues to expand opportunities in nursing education
  • organised several health camps in Goalpara, Nagaon districts etc. to date where more than 5000 people were given free check-ups, treatment, low-cost investigation and surgical treatment.
  • identified and arranged treatment for more than 300 cataract cases under the Blind Control Programme at Sankardev Netralaya.
  • provided Free CT investigations
  • donated to CM’s Covid Relief Fund

To be a centre of excellence in education, research & training and to produce human resource of exceptional leadership quality to serve national needs.


To achieve our objectives in an environment that enhances creativity, innovation and scholarly pursuit within the stated values.


Our institute aims to build highly skilled and competent nursing and midwifery professionals. Pursuing nursing education in Arya Nursing College or Arya School of Nursing enables our graduates to:

  1. Assume responsibilities as professional competent nurses in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.
  2. To make independent decisions in nursing situations, to protect the rights of and facilitate individuals and groups in pursuit of health, to function in hospital, and community nursing services and to conduct research studies in the areas of nursing practice.
    Our students are employed in both educational and clinical settings.


The primary objective of this institute is to create nursing professionals who can:

  1. Assess the health status, identify nursing needs, and plans, and implement and evaluate nursing care for patients/clients that contribute to the health of individuals, families and communities.
  2. Demonstrate competency in techniques of nursing based on concepts and principles from selected areas of nursing, physical, biological and behavioural sciences.
  3. Participate as members of the health team in the promotive, preventive, curative and restorative health care delivery system of the country.
  4. Demonstrate skills in communication and interpersonal relationships.
  5. Demonstrate leadership qualities and decision-making abilities in various situations.
  6. Demonstrate skills in teaching to individuals and groups in community health settings.
  7. Demonstrate managerial skills in community health settings.
  8. Practice ethical values in their personal and professional life.
  9. Participate in research activities and utilize research findings in improving nursing practice.
  10. Recognize the need for continued learning for their personal and professional development.